From Bland to Brand Hero: The Designamo Design Revolution

How We Merged Passion with Purpose through Branding, Graphic Design, and Website Design

Designamo Graphics wasn't born out of a whim, it sprouted from a seed of frustration. We saw businesses struggling to connect with their audiences, held back by generic visuals and uninspired design across branding, graphic design, and website design. We knew there had to be a better way – a way to harness the power of design to not just create something pretty, but to cultivate real, tangible growth.

That's where Designamo comes in. We're a passionate team of designers who believe in the transformative power of strategic visuals. We don't just craft graphics, we craft solutions – solutions that elevate brands, captivate audiences, and ultimately drive results.

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Monty Ortiz, Senior Graphic Designer and Creative Director profile photo

Monty Ortiz

Senior Graphic Designer | Creative Director


I'm not your average designer churning out cookie-cutter visuals. I'm a design innovator, obsessed with transforming ideas into impactful visual experiences that make audiences sit up and take notice.

Think of me as a design strategist with a killer instinct. I've led creative teams on a mission to craft compelling brand stories that resonate like a five-alarm fire across all platforms.

My jam? Conceptualizing and executing innovative campaigns that drive brand awareness faster than a viral tweet. Fast-paced environments? Bring it on! I thrive in the design jungle, leveraging market trends to create visuals that are cutting-edge and undeniably awesome.

Strategic? Holistic? Absolutely. I deliver exceptional results with a laser focus on detail, all while keeping your brand identity squeaky clean.

(Awards are cool, but let's focus on the real magic: creating design that disrupts, delights, and delivers!)

Ready to unleash the design beast on your next project? Let's chat!

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