Design Faceplant Hall of Fame: Hilarious Brand Blunders (And How to Avoid Them)

Even the Big Guys Can Botch a Logo

Learn from the design disasters of famous brands to ensure your visual identity doesn’t become a laughingstock.

We all love a good laugh, right? Especially when it’s at the expense of big-budget brands who should definitely know better. But before you start scrolling through a slideshow of design fails, remember – even the most well-known companies can fall victim to bad design choices.

In the spirit of learning from others’ mistakes (and having a good chuckle along the way), let’s take a peek into the Design Faceplant Hall of Fame:

Exhibit A: London 2012 Olympics Logo

Remember the London 2012 Olympics logo? The one that looked like a toddler’s attempt at abstract art? The one that sparked a petition with 48,000 signatures demanding a redesign? Yeah, that one. The logo was supposed to represent unity and dynamism but ended up being more confusing than a Rubik’s Cube.

Lesson Learned: Sometimes, simplicity is key. Don’t overcomplicate your design with too many symbols or abstract elements.

Exhibit B: Tropicana’s Orange Juice Redesign

Ah, Tropicana. The brand synonymous with sunshine and refreshing orange juice. So, naturally, they decided to ditch their iconic orange with a straw for a generic glass of orange juice. The result? A massive consumer backlash and a swift return to the original design.

Lesson Learned: Don’t mess with a good thing! If your brand has a strong visual identity, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Focus on evolution, not revolution.

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The Takeaway: Design Matters (A Lot)

These epic design fails serve as a reminder that even the biggest brands aren’t immune to design blunders. But they also offer valuable lessons for businesses of all sizes:

  • Know Your Audience: Don’t sacrifice clarity for the sake of being trendy or overly symbolic.
  • Respect Your Brand: Your visual identity is a powerful asset. Don’t throw it away for a fleeting trend.
  • Test and Get Feedback: Before you launch a new design, get feedback from a diverse group of people.

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